Dynapac CA250P

CA250 is a typical utility machine, designed for long working days in tough applications.It is utilized for compaction of most types of soil. Typical applications are road building, airfields, dams, harbors and industrial sites. The CA250 is available with smooth drum as well as padfot drum with or without drum drive.



A. Wheelbase 2879 mm
B1. Width, front 2324 mm
B2. Width, rear 2130 mm
D. Drum diameter 1523 mm
H1. Height, with ROPS 2952 mm
H2. Height, w/o ROPS/cab 2190 mm
K1. Ground clearance 453 mm
K2. Curb clearance 400 mm
L. Length 5550 mm
O1. Overhang, right 97 mm
O2. Overhang, left 97 mm
R1. Turning radius, outside 5400 mm
R2. Turning radius, inside 3100 mm
S. Drum shell thickness 25 mm
W. Drum width 2130 mm
α. Steering angle ±38°

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